Misunderstandings, pointless conflicts, confusion?

Let's take a first step together to figure them out!

SELF AWARENESS Challenge Starts

Wednesday - October 25th 2023



IT ONLY TAKES 10-15 MINUTES PER DAY, 21 DAYS and you don't even need to attend live as you will be receiving the instructions by email

25th October to 14th november

By the end of this CHALLENGE you will gain the tools to:

Improve your relationships with yourself and others

Understand it is up to you to have a good day

Like yourself more

Boost your listening skills, intuition and speed of reaction

Recognise your automatic reactions

Simple, efficient & timeless tools to use in order to create a balance life,


Short Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Recording that will activate your self-awareness

Body Scanning technique (Feldenkrais) for a better daily body functioning

Energy tools that will help you release tension from your body and mind

Ways to separate work from personal life

Guided meditations

+ A Support Group on Facebook always at your reach!

+ full instructions provided each day

  • +3 live Q&A sessions on Zoom and live FB (recordings available) on every Monday (30th of October, 6th of November and 13th of November)

Unique offer: 111 GBP


To sit with yourself

Why would you do it?

Because this is the very first step in learning to know yourself. It is a much needed practice in order to give yourself the space, the time and the attention to start to understand your needs, your boundaries, your triggers.

To scan yourself

This is important because:

You often have mixed feelings of anger, sadness, confusion, exhaustion and can’t pinpoint the cause. All you know is that there is something bothering you. By learning how to scan yourself, YOU BECOME AWARE of your feelings, thoughts, emotions and signals sent by your body. You'll start connecting the dots and identify the source of your uneasiness.  You will understand how your emotions are controlling your reactions and how to RESPOND instead of REACT.

The impact on others

This leads to:

ENHANCING YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS, both verbal and non-verbal.

Having BALANCED INTERACTIONS from a space of deep awareness.

REALISING the IMPACT of your emotions and triggers when communicating.

DEVELOPPING new healthy ways of interacting with others


Because we’ve already been there. We learned from direct experience, so we can relate to your present state of being. We have had the burnouts, the misunderstandings, the “what’s happening with me?” questions with no good answers, until…..we started digging deep, in ourselves.

And through courses, formations, trainings, and a hand full of shared experiences, we reached the professional level, from where we can, at our turn, help others.

We each have more than 20 years’ experience of working in different roles in big corporations. We worked with global teams covering most of the world, we’ve learnt about cultural differences, we went through promotions, demotions, lateral moves and also very stressful periods that led to burnout and illness.

We reached the other side as two balanced individuals who are still improving whilst choosing to be motivated, engaged and successful in any work environment.

Some of our work:

- trainings on efficiency/management/ resilience/ intuition

- somatic therapies

- meditation, hypnosis

- explored childhood and adolescence trauma

- energy tools

- Ho’Oponopono

- Reiki

- Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

- family constellations

- awareness through movement (Feldenkrais)

Andreea: I used to believe I was self-aware and I knew my reactions until I got sick and was almost rushed to the hospital. I had then realised I had been neglecting myself for so long, ignoring aches and pains. I was exhausted but could not sleep, I was overwhelmed both in my personal and work life, anxious, and hyper-active. Despite this, I still took on projects, desperate I was not doing enough, I had to do more, I had to do better. When the nurse called the ambulance, I suddenly felt afraid and lost, and all my pain came rushing in. So I said stop. I made myself a promise to start listening to myself and to take care of myself. It was the beginning of a long process of coming back to my body, becoming aware and validating my emotions, and also learning how to show vulnerability and weakness. It completely changed the relationship with myself and with the people around me. It marked the beginning of the new real me. It wasn't easy and the journey is still ongoing.

Adina: I was driven in my daily life by my feelings and emotions without even realizing there was an option to be different. My days were a roller coaster with constant ups and downs and it was exhausting to be me. Some day I started very gloomy and continued the same because I was sure that there was nothing I could change. This lead to periods of anxiety and depression as I could not translate what was happening to me. My mood for the day was easily influenced by the other people around me: friends, colleagues, family. I started seeing doctors who prescribed pills to improve my mood. However, I had this feeling that there had to be another way to improve myself without chemical assistance. I started to look at alternative methods, meditation, mindfulness, talk therapy, and others. The advice that impacted me the most was from my counsellor who said: "Adina, stay with your body and see how you feel, without thinking". This was very difficult at first, as I would have liked a mental reasonable explanation. Slowly, I started to become aware of my body, noticing what it was telling me, and creating a pause before reacting to people and situations around me. This was the beginning of Self awareness for me and it was not easy, but it was so incredibly empowering. I now know it's up to me to decide how my day goes.

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